“Podiatrists simply need better marketing.”

We specialize in getting podiatry businesses just like yours more customers & revenue

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Podiatry marketing has to be ‘clean’

A reliable, professional & most of all, extremely clean online presence

People are trusting you with their feet. Your website should trigger an overwhelming of credibility.

Podiatry marketing is complex.
We’ve mastered it.


Podiatry Experts

We’ve worked with countless, successful podiatrists to optimize their digital presence


More Patients

We’ll increase your patients intake by optimizing your online presence for maximum conversions.


Appointment Technology

Accept online appointments for your podiatry practice, directly from your website

They understand podiatry marketing

“Vantage has been directly responsible for bringing podiatry practice a ton of additional revenue over the past few years. If you ever get the chance to work with Charles and his team: take it.”

— Marie T. Lanaghan, Ankle Pro Podiatry

We work with successful podiatrists.

We only take on clients we’re confident about. Our mission is to collaborate with the most talented people who are able to help the most people, as effectively as possible.

It’s a win/win situation that helps build stronger collaborations from the get go between your podiatry practice and myself.



“We truly care about bringing your podiatry practice the clients and results it deserves.”

Charles DeWitte / Founder

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